Engaging Youth
Engage youth from 6 countries in transformative dialogues, fostering mutual comprehension, tolerance, and intercultural dialogue.
Equal Opportunities
Enhance digital skills and competencies of 60 participants through interactive online courses, empowering their personal and professional development.
DARE 4.0
Collaboratively co-create 10 mobile applications, addressing common challenges faced by young individuals, harnessing their creativity and problem-solving abilities. Conclude with the DARE 4.0 Summit,
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DARE 4.0

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DARE 4.0 project aims to equip 1500 young people (18-30), young entrepreneurs and youth workers in Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Lebanon, Tunisia and Morocco with skills and competencies to accelerate the digital transformation of the economy and society. 
It aims to enhance intercultural dialogue, and foster diversity and innovation while bridging the digital divide, promoting inclusion and participation. The project aims to foster the development of interpersonal and intercultural skills, including critical and analytical thinking, creativity and learning. 

Two Key Objectives 

Digital Dialogues: These sessions foster respectful and mutual comprehension, tolerance and intercultural dialogue and cohesion 
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Interactive Open Online Courses (IOOCs): to promote digital learning, skills and further support the development of digital skills and competencies of todays day and age
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What We Do

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Facilitated Dialogues: Engage 120 young people, young entrepreneurs, and youth workers in 10 online sessions, each lasting 2 hours. These dialogues focus on intercultural and digital topics, fostering mutual comprehension, tolerance, intercultural dialogue, and cohesion.
Interactive Open Online Courses (IOOCs): Provide 60 participants with 5 IOOCs to enhance their digital skills and competencies. These courses support their personal and professional development, equipping them with valuable knowledge in the digital realm.
Mobile App Co-Creation: Collaboratively develop 10 mobile applications that address common challenges and problems faced by young individuals. Participants will work together to design innovative solutions, harnessing their creativity and problem-solving abilities.
DARE 4.0 Summit: Conclude the project with a summit where a jury will select the top three mobile applications created. The chosen teams will receive additional learning opportunities, further supporting their growth and success in the digital landscape.

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